Kitchen grease and oil disposal

Don't pour kitchen grease and oil down the drain. Protect your home's drains and the environment by recycling grease and oil.

How to recycle kitchen grease and cooking oil

  1. Let it cool
  2. Pour oil into a sealable container with a lid
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  4. Take oil to a drop-off location  

Accepted items

  • Kitchen grease, fat, and lard
  • Cooking oils—vegetable, corn, peanut, sunflower, canola, olive, soybean, flaxseed, or any combination of edible cooking oils
  • Oils and fats can be mixed in a single container

Container to use

  • Something you do not want back
  • 5-gallon size or smaller | No more than 15-gallons total
  • Original container or sealable container with a lid

Why recycle?

  • Kitchen grease and cooking oil can build up in sanitary sewer lines causing blockages or overflows – which can increase utility rates when lines need to be cleared
  • Clearing grease blockages within your own home can be very costly
  • Incorrect disposal endangers public health, the environment, and innocent wildlife
  • Help keep cooking oil out of landfills and turn it into energy – recycled cooking oil is used to produce alternative fuels such as Biodiesel, which is better for the environment!

Cooking oil safety tips

  • Do not leave unattended
  • Never use water to extinguish an oil fire—they do not mix and can cause a larger fire
  • Do not over-fill your pots or pans with oil—if it starts to boil, remove from heat